About Us

Inspired from my grandfather's life example as a share cropper who took care of twelve children from farming the land and providing for his family through life lessons about work and how to provide for family through good and hard times, these lessons would be passed down generations.

I established Prepline Team Logo Apparel in 1996 as an apparel decoration business for leagues and schools to help provide for my family. 

Realizing that what we truly had was the root of two businesses we changed the name of the league and school decorating business to Team Logo Apparel which we started in a mall kiosk and is now an online and mobile gameday decorating business [].

We kept dreaming of how to establish prepline as an urban apparel brand when the time was right. 

Today prepline has emerged as an Urban Apparel streetwear brand with products that consist of fleece, t-shirts, shorts, socks and accessories.

Thursday, January 7, 2021 we launched. This day is a special day for it is my birthday, I am launching my dream so that my children's, children will know that what ever you want with the help of God and preparation your dreams and visions can be manifested.

It took a lot of people in my lineage for me to acquire the knowledge, skill and will that would prepare me for this day.

Knowing that the actions of the ones before us guide us to where we are now. And our decisions will guide the generations after us, we now bring prepline urban apparel to you.

Because of "Preparation through Lineage," we now have a brand that celebrates what can be achieved.